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Born To Farm Podcast

At Born To Farm, we want to show the advantages of eating locally produced foods and supporting your local farmer. By buying local and supporting local farmers who grow food locally and the restauraunts who purchase their foods locally, you can be living a more healthy lifestyle. In the process, you will see why you may want to think twice about buying the processed food found on most shelves today.

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Be Prepared – Wildfire Season

Be Prepared – Wildfire Season post image

Things have been quite hectic here, with a scheduled visit to South Dakota, Wyoming, Montana, and finally Minnesota with my daughters family.  Oh yes and get  through - Fire Season. Here in Northern California, every Summer is fire season as we get no rain from about April until  November. Unfortunately, right near us is a [...]


This week I’ll be talking about how to easily make the switch to more natural organic foods without the stress, a Visit to the New Braunfels Texas Farmers market, and some surprising information about pesticides and HFCS. Making the move to fresh food and sometimes be stressful, especially when not all the family members understand [...]


BTF – Episode 2 – October 3, 2010

Show Notes for Born To Farm  Episode 002 This week we cover a few more topics I have wanted to get to. But first, I'll explain some of the changes you may have notice on the website recently. We are now FarmCastNetwork.com, a Network of Small Farm and Food Podcasts and Blogs Initially there will [...]


Born To Farm – Episode 1

I have decided to add a podcast to the blog as another way to let you follow what we are doing in our pursuit of a Country Life.  Occasionally I will still provide videos when the subject calls for it, but I will be able to accomplish more with this method.  I hope you agree.  [...]

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