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GYG-062 Seed Starting Basics


This week, thanks to the suggestion of listener Brad Kilpatrick’s request, I’ll be talking about the basics of starting your plants from seed, Seed starting lights, and some other related seed info.

But so many of you have become great friends and email frequently, I wanted to share a few of their names and stories and in a small way, just say thank you for helping make this not just a podcast, not just a blog, but a community of gardeners.

Listener Paul Anslow from Facebook recently posted a great poster that said –

Organic Farming – What your Grandparents called “Food”!

The resource page is now up on the website Currenlty, mostly seed vendors. If you have a favorite seed vendor you do business with and think it should be listed, just email me and I’ll add it to the list.

These are not necessarily recommendations, but are a list of known suppliers to help you coose where you purchase your gardening seeds and equipment.

If you want to have a business added, Please email the info to steve@growingyourgrub.com to be included.

Podcast Alert!

I recently discovered another great gardening podcast I thought you might want to try a listen to.  Damon publishes his podcast and blog from  Alabama so he’s another good ole Southern Boy like me.

He has great content, and excellent audio, something many podcasters these days seem to over look.

Checkout Damons podcast and leave a comment telling him you heard aboout it on Growing Your Grub.  He can be found at www.GreenhornGardening.com


Growing Your Grub Now on Stitcher

Thanks to a listener who reminded me we were not on this new streaming media service, I was able to get Growing Your Grub listed on Stitcher now.

Stitcher is a new streaming media app for mobile devices like the iPad, iPhone, Andriod, Kindle Fire, etc.  It streams the content to the device, allowing you to listen anytime without synching or downloading.

On the Growing Your Grub Website, right hand side, you will find a logo banner that will take you there if interested.  The app is free and since I have been playing with it, it appears to be very reliable also.

Download Stitcher if you would like to listen to many of your favorite podcasts, or live radio shows in some cases – all for Free.

What have I been Up To?

Over the holidays, I traveled to Northern Calif to be near family and look at some options for our land, as far as building a home on it.  Prices kept going up and up, and to be honest when we got home we weren’t sure what we were going to do.   Then My brother in law asked if we had considered used homes with all the features I wanted, 5 acres, buildings, well, fencing, etc and I said no.  he then sent me to a link for a home near them that just went on the market and was just what we wanted.

Well, that led to me hopping back on a plane for a second trip to meet the realtor, make and offer, etc.

The long and the short of it all is we successfully  offered and won the house with 5 acres, and all the things we were looking for.  Success.

As a result, the Growing Your Grub Studios will be moving to the new property by Early May!  Finally!.  This shouldn’t make any difference in the publishing schedule, but may be a short disruption here and there as I move.

Goals for 2012

One of my plans for 2012 is to bring in more Fruit tree and fruit production as I build my new orchard on the new land.
I also plan on working on more Gardening and Cooking videos for Youtube.  Bon Apetit!

Remember to Contest for the Free Autographed Copy of Joe Lampl’s book is still open.  Check out GYG-061 for more details.

Seed Starting Basics

This week I get into the inaugural Seed Starting episode for 2012.  It’s a simple task, but several of the new listeners have requested it.  This week we’ll take about the following:

  • Clyde’s Garden Planner
  • Choosing and Buying Seeds and differences between Hybrid and Open-Pollinated
  • Buying or making seed pots.  Using Seed Blocks
  • The Right Potting Soil
  • Starting Rack or Table
  • Growing Lights
  • Growing Pads/ Thermostats


Cool Tool Alert!

I recently stumbled across a new tool that will help you keep track of your tools, keep you hydrated, and has all sorts of benefits.

The GardenTool Caddy is a device that clips over the edge of a wheelbarrow, Plastic Trash bin, almost anything you can think of.  I found mine to be even more than I hoped for, and plan to have the Entrepreneur who created this amazing tool on the show sometime.


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  • Andy Heren January 23, 2012, 4:21 pm


    I was recently doing a search of gardening podcasts on iTunes. I first listened to your interview with Joe Lamp’l. After that I checked your podcasts and have been downloading them like crazy. I enjoy listening to podcasts while walking my dog. With all the great new ones I am discovering, I will need to take him for more walks! With these long Wisconsin winters, we need to do something to kill the time untilt he new season gets here!

    I am writing an article for our local Master Gardener association newsletter in which I am sharing some of the podcasts I have discovered. I have included yours, so hopefully more Wisconsin listeners will be hearing you! In it I describe you as “folksy” and that you have many great topics you touch upon.

    Thanks for your podcast and I look forward to catching up on all of them!

    Andy Heren,
    Eau Claire, WI

    • Steve January 24, 2012, 8:31 am

      Thanks, Andy for the vote of confidence, especially from a Master Gardener. I do try my best, but what I share is mostly just my experiences. As someone who grew up near you across the border in Minnesota, I especially enjoy hearing from listeners in your area.

      You may want to listen to Episode 47, where I had Mark Nofsinger on. He is in Madison Wisconsin and we talked about pickling and preserving.

      Thanks for listening, and write any time.

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