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GYG-098 Tips Taking a Vacation – While Having a Garden



EPAU.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) is poised to raise – yes, raise – the limits for glyphosate residue allowed on fruits and vegetables sold in the U.S. stores. Glyphosate is the key ingredient in Roundup, Monsanto’s widely used broad-spectrum herbicide.

MIT Report on Glysophate Health Issues

In 2009, a French court found Monsanto guilty of lying; falsely advertising its Roundup herbicide as “biodegradable,” “environmentally friendly” and claiming it “left the soil clean.”

Is there any wonder why we don’t trust them on the GMO issue?


Vacations with a Garden

Now that it’s summertime, many of you will want to take a well deserved vacation.  But how doi you do that with an active garden?  Here are some tips we discuss on thesummer holiday dog podcast.

  1. Install a Drip Irrigation System on a Timer
  2. Be sure to Mulch
  3. Check around the Garden and Clean up before leaving
  4. Feed the Plants before you leave with some organic fertilizer
  5. Find a Garden Nanny ( Take Photos of Garden)
  6. Plan some Time in the Garden on Your Return.


Chemical Spray Drift Problems

Master Gardener Steven Graves wrote in about some problems he is having with spray from a nerby farm drifting in on his garden and some possible solutions.

In that discussion, the following radio shows/podcasts are mentioned:

Bob Webster http://ktsa.com/pages/6341589.php

Howard Garrett – The Dirt Doctor – http://www.dirtdoctor.com/Dirt-Doctor-Radio-Broadcast-Archivesbr_vq1726.htm

Farmer Fred – Farmer Fred Rants




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  • WYLIE PILGRIM July 3, 2013, 11:47 am

    I think you must have to be a qualified sociopath to work on Monsanto’s legal team.

    WYLIE in Canada.

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