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Lose the Winter Gardening Blues

I am lucky enough to live in Growing Zone 9.  While thinking and planning this years upcoming garden I began to feel like I was spinning my wheels in a bed of wet clay.

I needed inspiration.

I noticed that there was a Home and Garden Show not too far away in Sacramento. I decided to run down there for the day and see if I could see something that would give me some ideas for my garden.  I knew the Cal Expo Entranceshow’s primary focus was decorative landscaping, but I wanted some new ideas.

I know that veggies are veggies are veggies, so what could I learn?  What I was looking for was not the latest heirloom seeds for the season, but for something to “spice up” the garden Aesthetically.

I wanted some ideas for something to do around my garden that would make people look at it as more than just a source for great food ( although that’s not bad.)

So what did I find?

There was “The Garden Coach” who has made a business of helping urban dwellers without time or inclination to get their small ( or larger) backyard garden started.  I believe that if they wished, she would even tend it for them.

I even noticed they had one of my new favorite books in their booth from Chris Mclaughlin called “Vertical Vegetable Gardening”.

I met and listened to a presentation from Roberta Walker, a Sacramento area Landscape designer (http:\\www.robertawalker.com ) who talked about drought tolerant planting and how even a small vegetable garden can be worked into most yards.

And I did learn something from her that I am ashamed I didn’t realize.

If you have an arbor in your yard or garden, and have climbing plants on it like Wisteria or Grapes as I do, you should get some sort of Metal Arbor as when you need to paint or refresh the Arbor you would need to cut the vines back for access.

My addition to that is to use the arbor for more temporary plants like Peas, Beans, melons etc.  Then all you need to do is wait till the crop is harvested and you would need to remove the pant anyway.  I still like the point though.

Garden ShedShe had a display garden with some interesting Stained Glass Windows that she found at a Yard Sale for only 10$ each.

Why am I going on and on about the garden show that is mostly landscaping and less about vegetable gardening?

Simple.  With many of you still snowed in and suffering the no garden blues, you can get out and be inspired.

Many of these shows tour the country and will most likely show up somewhere near you.

If you can’t work in your garden, what better way to be inspired while waiting for all your seed catalogs to arrive??

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  • Steven Graves January 29, 2013, 2:37 pm

    Steve, Glad you had a chance to make a show to help recharge your batteries. Here in Kentucky we are in the middle of our usual Wintery mess, one day it may snow and two days later it might be 60 degrees as it is today, Of course then we usually have the chance for tornadoes and the like. GREAT

    I too have needed some inspiration, so I decided to make myself a grow station. I finished it a week or so ago and already have some little plants popping up and maybe if Spring comes early like last year I will have Broccoli, cauliflower et. al ready to go in the ground as soon as it can be worked. I would like to share some pictures if you want, just not sure the best media to send them.

    Also starting next Wednesday I am taking a Master Gardeners class through the state of Kentucky. Sounded like an interesting class so I signed up. it’s like 13 weeks and then some volenteer time but the price was fair, $85.00 so away I go.
    I just hope they don’t stress the non-organic stuff too much. We’ll see.

    Since you have not been doing many podcasts lately (I do wish you would start up again soon) I have been listening to Bob Webster alot, what a great resource. I can get some of his radio shows on podcast. Also watched some of his classes on youtube. Of course some of his stuff won’t work up here in zone 6B or whatever we are this week.

    Hope you are doing well and wish you the best.


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