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Organic Gardening Experiment – Try Something New

Too many of us have grown our favorite plants for too long of a time.  Whether it’s a particular variety of tomato, a certain hot pepper, or a prolific variety of cucumber or eggplant, most of us tend to plant the same thing year after year after year.

While there is something to be said for discovering what you like and growing it, you are missing out on other exciting and interesting plant varieties in your garden and just as importantly, on your plate.

Each season, I try and pick something new and different that I have never grown before.  In this exercise, I even allow myself to look at plants other than edibles.

The point is to look for something new each year.  It may be a new longer bearing variety of strawberry, or even a decorative shrub that you think might add a splash of color near the entrance to your garden.

In my case, I simply look for something unique and interesting to my eye.  it may be a pumpkin or gourd full of wart like bumps, or interesting patterns like “Moon & Stars” watermelon that looks like a trip to the local observatory.  The point is to look through the catalogers or your nursery and find something new.

A couple of years back in my first try at this exercise, I discovered something called the Easter Egg Plant.  Its a variety of eggplant, but each fruit looks just like an Easter Egg, end even changes shades as it matures.  It is an amazing looking plant, and is a real conversation starter.

Then a year or so later, I tried something called the Sangria Pepper.  It’s not a normal hot pepper as we think of it, and it’s not harmful to either curious children or animals.  However it looks like a bush full of multi colored hot peppers all growing upward.

It’s an extremely colorful landscape shrub ( one of my few variances from vegetable growing) and one that eventually found a permanent home in my home landscape.

As you’re looking through all the garden Porn this Winter ( er, Seed Catalogers)  keep on the lookout for something new to try. 

You’ll never know –   You just might find a new family tradition.



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  • Mil February 17, 2012, 5:52 pm

    I’m hoping to start the Ground Cherry and Strawberry Spinach tradition! Yeah, I’m guilty too of growing the same stuff–fava beans and peas, so I wanted to expand my horizons this year when I looked at all those garden Porn, er, catalogs. (BTW, you were the one to get me to order all those catalogs.)

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