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Welcome the the Farmcast Network!

The FarmCast Network is an online media content network, created by me, Steve Howard, and occasionally my son Scott from Northern California.   As a transplanted Texan, I am comparing and contrasting the high heat/High Humidity methods I used in Texas to the slightly lower heat/lower humidity gardening methods I am learning here in California.

Our purpose at FarmCast Network, is to emphasize the importance of the Local Farmer and Backyard Food gardens.  It’s pretty hard to argue that local food picked a day ago is not healthier and better than the same item picked days or weeks earlier and shipped around the world to your supermarket.

The Farmcast Network consists of 3 websites and a blog, each accessible from tabs at the top of the page.

Growing Your Grub is a podcast with occasional You Tube Videos that shares with you our experiences in our Organic Market Garden.  We share our successes, what has worked for us, and yes, even our failures so you don’t have to repeat them in your home vegetable garden.  Each week I will post a recording of what I have learned and occasionally I will have experts in certain areas on with me to add even more value to our podcast.

Pursuing a Country Life:  This podcast is for you if you’re interested in simplifying and homesteading skills.  I am currently in the middle of moving out to the country myself ( 6 acres in Northern California) and through this podcast I will share with you what I am learning and what I have already learned. Preserving Food, Cooking, Livestock, and more are all part of the subjects covered.

Born To Farm is a Podcast to help small farmers and market gardeners.  However, it has been placed un an indefinite hiatus while I settle into the newer environments and market gardening methods of Northern California.

Blog:  While the previous sections are each Audio Podcasts that are downloadable on the site or through iTunes, the blog is my diary where I will share what’s on my mind as I write the entry.  It may contain subjects normally considered part of the podcast sections, but this section will be written with as many photos of the topic of the discussion as makes sense.

You can easily visit any of these sections from the Tabs at the top of the page.  I hope you like it, and please take time to comment, and let me know how I can add any content you feel would be beneficial for you and your family.